Hydrodemolition and Accelerated Bridge Construction with Posillico and Walo

Our Approach

Accelerated Bridge Construction

Posillico and WALO have teamed up to bring our Ultra-High Performance Concrete rehabilitation methods to market and to help solve the deteriorating infrastructure problem. By combining forces we have brought together over a century of infrastructure rehabilitation expertise that can meet the demands of today’s need for accelerated bridge rehabilitation (ABC) with lasting results.

For four generations, Posillico has combined an ironclad commitment to quality and performance with an unequaled family work ethic, making the company a leader in public works projects. Incorporated in 1946 under the presidency of Joseph D. Posillico, Sr. as a small trucking contractor, the company has grown to become one of the top engineering contracting firms in New York. Posillico employs as many as six hundred people in various civil works projects around the Northeastern United States.

Over the decades, Posillico has completed many large and highly difficult civil engineering and construction projects. These complex projects more often require off-peak construction during nighttime hours with stringent penalty and bonus clauses. But no matter the parameters, the Posillico team consistently demands and achieves excellence.

For over 100 years, WALO has been committed to combining consistency and innovation. Through ongoing research and development the company is continually growing its range of construction services to meet new requirements and applications. This combination of experience and innovation has made the company a modern, forward-thinking family business, well equipped to meet future challenges. With world leading, technical engineering knowledge, WALO provides a complete service to its customers around the world. The services include initial feasibility studies, designing, manufacturing as well as execution.

The company also operates as a full service general contractor for large infrastructure and transportation projects.

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