Restorative UHPC-Layer

More durable and cost-effective than comparable overlay material. A fast and efficient solution to waterproof and restore the riding surface of your bridge deck for years to come.


Strengthening UHPC-Layer

Award-winning engineering solution for accelerated bridge rehabilitation using UHPC to restore the structural capacity of concrete deck bridges as well as waterproofing.

Ultra High Performance Concrete and Accelerated Bridge Construction

Machine Placement

We have successfully developed and deployed an Ultra-High Performance Concrete paver to accurately pave UHPC on transverse slopes of up to 10%.

Accelerated Bridge Construction and Bridge Rehabilitation Services

Manual Placement

Our expertise ranges from large scale UHPC overlays to smaller hand-laid applications. Contact our team to know more about our reference projects.

Structurally Deficient Bridges and Hydrodemolition

Other Applications

From pier jacketing to sidewall protections, UHPC can be used for a variety of innovative applications. Contact us to discuss your solution today!

We are here to help...

Contact us to know more about the engineering possibilities using UHPC. Our engineering team can help answer your questions about structurally deficient bridges and accelerated bridge rehabilitation.
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